The Cornes business was founded in Yokohama more than one-and-a-half centuries ago on 1st April 1861 in the closing years of Japan’s Edo period by Frederick Cornes and his partner, William Aspinall.

Since then, we have introduced high-quality and advanced products from all over the world to the Japanese market as one of the oldest foreign-capital general trading company operating in Japan.

Today, the Cornes business encompasses a wide range of products and services including European luxury automobiles, electronics and industrial equipment, survey and claims settling, insurance, kitchenware and apparel.

Providing high quality and innovation is the corporate philosophy that we have pursued since our founding over a century and a half ago.
With this philosophy, we take pride in bringing advanced and unique value products and services to the market by focusing on new “ideas,” “technology,” and “products” that had never existed in Japan before.

Today, 160 years after our founding, we are looking ahead to the next stage.
While inheriting the corporate philosophy of providing advanced and high-quality products and services, we will strive to improve customer satisfaction and continue to be a dynamic company.

I sincerely request that you continue to favor us with your valued support.

Cornes & Company Limited

C.E.O.Kensaku Watari