CornesTechnologies is a leading specialist importer and distributor of systems and equipment, electronic devices and scientific equipment, industrial machinery and supplies with unrivalled experience in the promotion, marketing and selling of new products and technologies sourced from overseas to a broad range of customers in Japan.

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Business Overview

CornesTechnologies is an approved supplier of avionics, security equipment, electronic components (including semiconductors), high-frequency devices and imaging sensors, communications test equipment, scientific instruments and diamond CVD systems to Japanese companies and to government/public organizations.



Electronics Department specializes in the supply of niche products for applications with demanding specifications and promotes a range of semiconductors, optical communication devices, industrial optical components, high frequency modules, and sensors for applications from medicine to high energy physics.


Special Products Department offers innovative products and solutions from component level through to complete systems, including space-borne and airborne devices, airborne and ground flight test instrumentation, equipment for satellite and defense communications, and equipment for disaster relief, search and rescue, and anti-terror operations.


Scientific Equipment Department supplies state-of-the-art equipment not readily available from Japanese manufacturers to support R&D activities in the fields of life science, high energy physics, space, astronomy, non-destructive testing, high-level security, advanced materials research/characterization, and optical design.

Diamond CVD Systems

Diamond CVD Systems Department is a world-renowned manufacturer of Microwave Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Systems with more than 180 units installed around the world at leading universities and science institutes to synthesize diamonds for materials research.


Communications Equipment Department provides advanced test and measurement tools to confirm the robustness and reliability of wireless networks, chip-sets for digital radio, RF modules and microwave components for general application.

Industrial Machinery and Supplies

Industrial Machinery and Supplies Department manufactures and sells aseptic and non-aseptic filling systems to the food and beverage industry as well as kegs and containers to the major brewers and soft drink companies. It is also a supplier of inspection systems and NIR gauges for use on production lines to improve quality and boost efficiency.