Protection and preservation of the environment and the development of renewable sources of energy are two of the biggest challenges facing the world today.
Cornes Biogas develops and supplies biogas plants that are designed to generate energy as efficiently as possible from biomass such as livestock manure or food waste.

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Business Overview

Cornes Biogas undertakes research and conducts experiments into biomass fermentation and analysis.

To construct a biogas plant, we start with an analysis of the biomass volume, characteristics and ambient surroundings of the proposed plant location.
We then design and build a biogas plant that will maximise the energy potential of the customer’s resource.

After the plant starts daily operation, we constantly sample and analyze the fermentation conditions and continuously make adjustments to achieve the best possible results and keep customers satisfied.

Biogas Plant Construction Achievements

Kobayashi Farm, Hokkaido

Operation start : Mar. 2012
Source : Cow manure
Gas afford : 626m3/day
Utilized method : Boiler

Nayoro delivery feed centre, Hokkaido

Operation start : Feb.2011
Source : Cow manure
Gas afford : 786m3/day
Utilized method : Boiler

Nour Company Ltd. Hokkaido

Shikaoi Municipal Biogas Plant, Hokkaido

Wing Field Farm Hokkaido

Hosozawa Farm